Today we will learn how to get an e-mail address from Hotmail for free with our article, Hotmail Sign Up. The famous e-mail provider founded in the year of 1995 and become completely active after one year later. In 2013, the company merged with the Outlook. In this way Hotmail gone and it started to be known as Outlook.

While Jack and Sabeer who are the founders of Hotmail looking for a new name for their new service they decided to use Hotmail since it evokes the letters of the HTML. The original name of the service includes these letters in the same order as, Hotmail. Now let’s check how we can perform the Hotmail Registration.

How to Sign Up Hotmail?

Firstly you should visit the Hotmail registration page by typing the official website in your address bar.

And then you will be asked for information such as your name and surname, the e-mail address you are willing to use, the password you prefer for your account, your birth of date, your country of residence, you gender and GSM phone number.

Once you complete these information and filled them true you will realize some letters and numbers at the end of the page. You have to type these letters and numbers to the box in the below and then you can click on create my account link. All the process ends in here. In the event that you will type the letters and numbers wrong, you will be able to try again once more.

In the event that you could not understand it, you can also check out the videos on the internet about how to sign up. Also there are some more free of charge mail services which do not ask your phone number.

In the event that you receive an error for the password you should pay attention to these;

Your password should be consist of 8 characters.

Your password should contain at least one lower, upper case.

For instance you can use a password such as this: S583!fnk (As you can see this password contains both upper and lower cases as well as numbers and special signs).